Gwendolyn Lootens
Werkschwamm/Eponge de travail/Werkspons/Working sponge

About this exhibition

The work of Gwendolyn Lootens consists mainly of drawing and video and the movements that are taking place in between. There is no premeditated plan: the hand draws a line, followed by the eyes, leading the direction of the line. Lines can be followed and extended by camera movements. An intuitive camera wanders and rolls into situations, fragile and clumsy, disconnected from the everyday. Like gestures so small you give it a blow and it’s gone.

In this exhibition, Gwendolyn Lootens presents drawings, objects and videos, connected by whimsical relations based on a moment, a gesture, a shape, a temperament, a sensation or a thought. An oscillation emerges between absorbtion and release of the allusions that regulate the exhibition.

Zooming until no thing is a thing and a thing is no thing.

Project Room

Wed-Sun: 14:00 - 18:00

Opening: 22.04, 18:00